About Us

Jackcube,Inc. is specialized in case design and production. Jewelry cases, wine cases and various product cases

As a manufacturer, we supply various cases made of leather, suede, paper, wood as main material.

Headquartered in Korea, we operate factories in China, which are located in China. We have offices in United States.
We are exporting high fashion cases leading to fashion in Japan, Europe and have been well received from many buyers.

The Jackcube,Inc  produced by the case are beyond simple protection features,
We recognize that it is an important factor in maximizing your product sales,
This leads to a variety of customer satisfaction services that are difficult to find in the traditional Chinese OEM system of mechanical manufacturers.

We are always trying to provide the best service in price and design.

Jack Cube, Inc

Office Address

8939 S Sepulveda Blvd Suite #102

Los Angeles, CA 90045-3605


Shipping & Receiving Address

21175 South Main St. Unit D,

Carson CA 90745